The Red Lizard Train of Tunisia

Deep in the gorges of the rock canyons of southern Tunisia runs the Red Lizard Train. This old fashioned train takes passengers on an adventurous journey that follows the natural path carved out by the Seldja Gorge at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. The train route gives passengers spectacular views of central Tunisia’s beautiful rocky desert canyons and landscapes, as well as passing through mountain tunnels, over steel bridges, near natural water springs, and then finally into a green oasis. You may enjoy adding this train excursion on your.

The original train was built in France in the 19th century. For many years it was used in the capital city Tunis for transport around the bay. After being abandoned for quite some time after Tunisia’s independence in 1956, in 1984 it was restored by the national railway company and reinstated for service as the “Red Lizard”.

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