Djerba , is, at 514 square kilometres (198 sq mi), the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabès,[1] off the coast of Tunisia.


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Sahara desert treks

Each of our Sahara desert treks is an action-packed adventure with a good blend sightseeing and desert peace. visited 7-day introductory desert treks for all the family, to 15-day long distance journeys for experienced desert travellers. The desert, and the act of moving through it, is a wonderful place for cleaning the mind of all our daily thoughts and worries.

The desert and it's dunes stretch for miles and miles. Life settles into a timeless routine of local tea and fresh bread, walking, a lunch stop for fresh salad and a siesta.Then a few more miles before the evening meal, a roaring fire, music, singing and a night under the stars as you have never before seen them. You will return from the desert feeling mentally clean and rested.

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