Djerba , is, at 514 square kilometres (198 sq mi), the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabès,[1] off the coast of Tunisia.



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With 1,250km of golden beaches and a string of picturesque islands just off the coast, Tunisia is the perfect seaside destination. Before you book, visit for travel advice before making your decision. Tunisia All Inclusive holidays give you everything you could possibly want in one neat little package. From your flights to your hotel and transport, we take care of everything so you can concentrate on making lasting memories. Windsurf along the Mediterranean Sea or hop on board a jet ski and feel the cool breeze on your face.



Trek through the Sahara desert atop a camel like an early explorer on this 2-day guided trek. With a guide in the lead to show you the ropes of camel-wrangling and provide insightful information on the sights, this ambitious overnight trek will go off without a hitch. Learn about the Bedouin and Berber ways that have kept people alive in the desert for centuries, combined with the modern conveniences of included meals and lodging.

  Tunisia is one of the most important countries for thalassotherapy. Thousands of guests seeking relaxation and authentic treatments travel to Tunisia every year to be pampered and to receive highly effective treatments, all with guaranteed sunny weather. Thalassotherapy in Tunisia is of excellent quality, thanks to top-class facilities, comfortable hotels and highly professional treatments. Tunisian Thalassotherapy hotels harness the immense power of the Mediterranean sea, combining the natural relaxing effects of the water with powerful treatments derived from salt water and sea minerals, for a comprehensive healing experience. Thalassotherapy in Tunisia is particularly suitable for rejuvenation, cellulite treatments and cosmetic detox. The country is also rich in culture and landscapes, with both French and Arabic influences, and unique mountains and deserts.Take care of your health and wellbeing and get the fresh sea breeze in your lungs.

Golf has been played in Tunisia since Carthage Golf Club opened in 1927, when the country was still a French colony. Today Tunisia is a small but vying Mediterranean golf destination with a dozen courses and a desire to give Euro-golfers their golf fix at any time of the year. Will Tunisia make a comeback on the golf tourism scene in the coming years?

The Amphitheatre of El Jem bears outstanding witness to Roman architecture, notably monuments built for spectator events, in Africa. Located in a plain in the centre of Tunisia, this amphitheatre is built entirely of stone blocks, with no foundations and free-standing.  In this respect it is modelled on the Coliseum of Rome without being an exact copy of the Flavian construction. Its size (big axis of 148 metres and small axis 122 metres) and its capacity (judged to be 35,000 spectators) make it without a doubt among the largest amphitheatres in the world. Its facade comprises three levels of arcades of Corinthian or composite style. Inside, the monument has conserved most of the supporting infrastructure for the tiered seating. The wall of the podium, the arena and the underground passages are practically intact. This architectural and artistic creation built around 238 AD, constitutes an important milestone in the comprehension of the history of Roman Africa. The Amphitheatre of El Jem also bears witness to the prosperity of the small city of Thysdrus (current El Jem) at the time of the Roman Empire.





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