Mahdia is a Tunisian coastal city located about 200 kilometers south of the capital Tunis. Capital of the governorate of the same name, it is a municipality with 45,977 inhabitants in 20042.Construite originally on an island 1 400 meters long 500 meters wide, it houses one of the first fishing ports from the country. Tourism activity weighs more in the local economy. The city is a tertiary center that develop gradually a center of higher education, including the establishment of the Institute of Economics and Management in 2015.
If the historical center is located on the peninsula, the city expanded towards the interior with the Hiboun neighborhoods and Zouila particular.
Mahdia has a few monuments and attractions.
Skifa Kahla or Zouila Bab, an important fortified gate originally dating from the tenth century (built between 916 and 921) and restored in the sixteenth century, is still one of the access points to the historical center of the city and one of the few vestiges of the old remparts15; Bordj El Kebir, a fortress, with an arched and curved passage leading into an impressive courtyard, monitors since 1595 the tip of Cape Africa.
The Great Mosque, founded in 916 by the Shiite Abdullah al-Mahdi Billah, has the distinction of being devoid of minaret; it has undergone several modifications and renovations finally rebuilt between 1961 and 1965 according to the forefront of the tenth century16.
Haj Mustapha Hamza mosque, built in 1772 and restored in the twentieth century, is a fine example of religious architecture in ottomane15 time.
Mahdia is also known for its marine cemetery situated on the seafront at the end of the peninsula.

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