Mediterranean city, a crossroads between Western and African cultures, Neapolis was since ancient times an important center of pottery production, long single packaging means perishables. From this period dates the vocation of the city to craft production; Today, Nabeul is undoubtedly the capital of Crafts in Tunisia.
To this rich occupation, she added the last decades of the millennium -héritage openness to other cultures Basin méditerranéen- a vocation tourist town, where stays are dotted rhythm scenic walks and sun bathing in the soft Mediterranean , with endless golden beaches.
Nabeul is now the administrative capital of Cap Bon (which includes, among others, Hammamet and Nabeul).
Initially the city center, Nabeul offers visitors the magic of the world of exotic souks and the beauty of its endless sandy beaches; the weekly camel market is another original place to walk.
During your walks in the city, water distilleries of orange blossoms (the heavenly scents), another symbol Nabeul and the Cap Bon region, cross your path.
See also in Nabeul: festival of orange blossom (April), music festival and popular arts (April).

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