Djerba , is, at 514 square kilometres (198 sq mi), the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabès,[1] off the coast of Tunisia.


Sahara desert treks

Each of our Sahara desert treks is an action-packed adventure with a good blend sightseeing and desert peace. visited 7-day introductory desert treks for all the family, to 15-day long distance journeys for experienced desert travellers. The desert, and the act of moving through it, is a wonderful place for cleaning the mind of all our daily thoughts and worries.

The desert and it's dunes stretch for miles and miles. Life settles into a timeless routine of local tea and fresh bread, walking, a lunch stop for fresh salad and a siesta.Then a few more miles before the evening meal, a roaring fire, music, singing and a night under the stars as you have never before seen them. You will return from the desert feeling mentally clean and rested.

We move at the same gentle, effortless pace as our camel train, either riding the Arabian camels (dromedaries) or enjoying the hot sand under our bare feet. Our guides learned how to live in this beautiful yet savage terrain thousands of years ago and are completely at one with the endless sands of the Sahara.

Tunisia is a peaceful, stable and completely safe country for travellers. Arabic and French are spoken. The religion is a relatively liberal form of Islam, (Sunni Islam of the Malekite school). Our guides are extremely friendly and welcoming.
The temperatures in October, November and April are ideal for Westerners. Not too hot during the day (25/30°C) and with the nights around 10°C where a 3-season sleeping bag is perfect.

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