The souks in Tunis medina

The souks are a real network of covered streets lined with merchants shops and artisans grouped by specialty.”Clean” Trades are located near the Zitouna mosque because they attract no nuisance by smell, noise or water use. The cloth merchants, perfumers, dried fruit merchants, booksellers and wool merchants are concerned the contrary tanners, fishmongers, blacksmiths and potters who are relegated to the périphérie27. There is thus a coded hierarchy of business: trade in fez, the perfumes, the silk weaving, upholstery, clothing manufacture, manufacture slippers, weaving, pottery and finally blacksmiths and dyers.

North of the Zitouna Mosque, it runs partly opens the Souk El Attarine (perfume) built in the early eighteenth century. It surprises with its stalls full of vials containing a variety of essences and perfumes. From this souk, a street leading to the Souk Ech-Chaouachine (fez) the corporation, those of chaouachis, is one of the oldest in the country. These are generally descendants of Andalusian immigrants expelled from Spain. On the Souk El Attarine open two other souks: the first, which runs along the western facade of the Zitouna Mosque is the Souk El Kmach (fabrics) and the second, the Souk El Berka, dating from the seventeenth century, houses embroiderers but especially jewelers. Therefore, it is the only souk whose doors are still closed and guarded at night. In the middle, there is a square place where was the old slave market until the mid-nineteenth century.26. Souk El Berka leads to the souk El Leffa, where they sell all kinds of mats, blankets and other weavings, and extends the souk Es Sarragine (Saddlers), built in the early fifteenth century, which specializes in leather goods.

On the outskirts, there are the souks El Trouk El Blat, El Blaghgia El Kébabjia, In Nhas, Es Sabbaghine and El Grana that sell clothing and blankets and was occupied by the Livornese Jews.

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