Djerba , is, at 514 square kilometres (198 sq mi), the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabès,[1] off the coast of Tunisia.



A sumptuous cultural heritage
Its 3000 years of history, Sousse retains today testimonies of rare splendor. For visitors keen to antiquity, its archaeological museum (the second of the country after the Bardo) offers an inspiring set of remains of the ancient Hadrumetum. It owes its fame to the magnificent collection of Roman mosaics in the first four centuries AD. The underground tunnels of the Catacombs Christian necropolis of the first centuries, is another must-ancient archaeological site.

Eternal Medina
Fully registered within its imposing medieval walls, the old city, built on the hillside, rises like a vast amphitheater facing the sea. This privileged position has given it has always been its special character admirable, and who has bewitched so many traveling artists. With 31 hectares and 7,000 inhabitants, the medina is now a huge part of a sprawling metropolitan area 150 times larger. She remains the geographical, historical and nerve, and gives it that extra something essential that it more than ever. This site, fully clothed in the majesty of centuries, reveals in fact the visitor as an inexhaustible source of emotion, enchantment and nostalgia. Sousse is proud to host rightly, inside the ramparts of a homogeneous set of remains exceptionally rich. unprecedented opportunity: its most famous monuments, including the Ribat, the Great Mosque, the Kasbah with its tower overlooking the whole site, the impressive city walls which runs on more than 2km, and the Kobba tank of Sofra, we succeeded in a remarkable state of preservation. Inherited from the Golden Age of Islam (the 9th to 11th century), these impressive monuments that are among the most beautiful architectural jewels of the Arab-Muslim world, make the old city an authentic open-air museum. Safeguarding its cultural heritage, identity and ancestral art of living, the venerable Sousse medina is undoubtedly established itself as the place par excellence memory repository of an inestimable historical legacy.


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