Djerba , is, at 514 square kilometres (198 sq mi), the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabès,[1] off the coast of Tunisia.


Stay in guest houses

To live a truly human experience in Tunisia , what better than to think outside the box ? Thus, for travelers seeking a family atmosphere associated with the human touch, the homestay is a great way to meet and exchange . But how to find your hosts ? ” I’ll sleep with you ” follow the guide!Sharing and conviviality with family Much cheaper and more friendly than other types of rental holiday classic like the hotel club, homestay proves to be a clever and friendly solution for a successful holiday in Tunisia. Sleep in a Tunisian local family is indeed share his daily while enjoying a welcome and an exceptional feel safe . At this very rewarding experience that allows travelers to combine discovery of another way of life to the scenery , do not forget to bring a small gift to thank your hosts for their hospitality. This can be a box of chocolates, popular in Tunisia as expensive, or other French specialties. And most importantly, unless we ask you, do not give money to risk upsetting your hosts. Rather prefer to offer your services for housework or your contribution to the cost of meals.

If it is possible once there go through a local guide who will provide you with adequate housing, also know as ” Tunisia homestay ” via can help you plan your adventure with its network of host families. Working on multicultural reconciliation , the association offers indeed an alternative tourism while going to discover the most beautiful sites in the country. On site you will be offered by the population and tourist and cultural activities such as belly dancing , cooking classes , visits to tourist monuments. Here one goal: the exchange of authentic and friendly manner.

Guesthouse and couchsurfing

For those who wish to stay in guest rooms , you can go to specialist agencies who will offer their selection of houses in the main Tunisian cities . Between tradition and charm , these homes will allow a total immersion in the mode of Tunisian life while going to meet the people. Generosity between the sun and warm and personal welcome , you pierce the mysteries of Eastern culture .

Finally, if you Tunisia to rhyme with free housing , no hesitation , couchsurfing is for you . Real way to share for a few days the daily local and benefit from their advice , this practice also boasts the idea that people are capable of advancing peace through hospitality. To integrate the community , simply register on the site and follow directions . Note that more than 2,500 Tunisian couchsurfers , along with their guests from around the world, meet monthly at meetings organized in Tunis , Sousse and Bizerte. A rewarding and positive experience.

Staying in a Tunisian family represents the possibility of a total immersion in the heart of a country whose people are particularly welcoming and kind. And away from all prejudices , this type of holiday is also working to respect the people and their culture. Settling at the inhabitant : a good way to really discover the country “from within .”

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