Djerba , is, at 514 square kilometres (198 sq mi), the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabès,[1] off the coast of Tunisia.



Tataouine is the capital of the “southern Berber”, thus proving a good base to discover the ksours (plural of Ksar) and the neighboring Berber villages as part of your desert tour Tunisia. These villages are hung on top of the rocky hills. In fact, the Berbers, in order to flee the plains at the time of the invasions, transformed the caves located in these hills in troglodytic dwellings.

In the center of these villages and at the top of the hill is usually a ksar, a fortified grain granary to store food and valuables.

Chenini, Guermessa and Douiret are the best illustrations of these constructions.


To see in Tataouine the museum of the memory of the earth, small museum retracing the history of the prehistoric region where forests and dinosaurs populated the region 140 million years ago


Distance and access plan by paved road: Chenini is accessible either from Tataouine to 18km in the east or from Douiret to the south. If you are north Guermessa, we must take the direction of Tataouine and transfer to Chenini 7 km before Tataouine.Merveilleux and most visited site 18 km west of Tataouine, perched on a ridge. To climb to Ksar, you have to park at the entrance of the village and go up the stony path, you will discover the troglodyte dwellings built in the rock. A beautiful 13th century mosque rising between two peaks is accessible.


Although less popular than Chenini, Douiret is one of the most beautiful villages in the region, perched on a hill 22 km southwest of Tataouine. Houses built in the rock, stairs lead to the top of the hill to discover an exceptional landscape. We must continue another 2 km after the new Douiret to find the village. Distance and access plan by paved road: 22 km southwest of Tataouine. Take the road to Remeda, then Douiret 9 km south.

Ksar Haddada

5 km north of Ghomrassen, consists of 380 ghorfa on one floor. It served as a backdrop for the Star Wars movie in 1999. Tarmac road distance and access map: 22 km southeast of Tataouine.


25 km north of Tataouine, to visit its homes dug on the mountainside. From the market place, you have to walk up to 15 min to reach the mausoleum of Sidi Arfa to have a spectacular view of the troglodyte houses. Two ksours remain in the neighborhood: Ksar Rosfa and Ksar Bani Ghedir.
Distance and access plan by paved road: 25 km north of Tataouine accessible by two roads C207 or C121.

Ksar ouled Soltane

Extra-ordinary site, this 4-storey Ksar is a non-Berber, non-fortified Arab Ksar. Constituted of the most beautiful ghorfa with 4 stages, in two courses and entirely renovated.
Distance and access by asphalt road: 22 km southeast of Tataouine

Ksar Ez-Zahra

This Arab Ksar as beautiful as that of Ouled Soltane 4 floors in two courses also. Distance and access plan by paved road: it is accessed either through Ksar ouled Soltane or the other direction from Djelidet. After Ksar Ez-Zahra, you can continue the loop and return to Tataouine by Djelidet.


It will take a 4×4 to reach the old Guermessa, this Berber village hung on the hillside, this village is less preserved than the others.
Distance and access plan by paved road: 20 km to the west. The new guermessa is accessible by a classic car but not the Berber village.

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