Tozeur is a city of Tunisia Jerid and the capital of the governorate of the same name. It has 32 400 inhabitants .Située northwest of Chott el Jerid, it is 450 kilometers southwest of Tunis. This is one of the oases in the desert of the Sahara. Tozeur is a city with an important religious past and known for its contemporary scholars as topography dotted with marabouts, attests.
The city is surrounded by a grove of approximately 1000 hectares8, home to some 400 000 trees 8.9 formerly irrigated by 200 springs replaced in 1995 by the many modern wells that now supply Tozeur. Even if the water table remains overfished, measures such as the introduction of drip-drop resulted in savings of 35 to 30% of the consommation10. The palm is divided into thousands of small gardens (on average half a hectare) more or less well maintained: only 25% of the land is cultivated and many palm trees die because entretien9. However, 500 new hectares have been possible thanks to the exploitation of géothermie10. It was the setting for many films like Star Wars or The Patient English.8.
In the early 1990s, the Tunisian Government undertakes to develop Saharan tourism. A dozen luxury hotels then born to attract tourists by key stays in main9. In May 2008, the region including Tozeur, Nafta and Tamerza has 41 hotel units including three five-star establishments and welcomed 338,000 visitors 200710. However, according to Claude Llena is the “propertied minority and the tourist capital of the North [ that] have quickly got hold of this tourist income to the detriment of the local population “9; the sector generates in fact that 2500 permanent jobs and 5000 indirect jobs.
golf course Tozeur
The average length of stay of tourists remains low; Some explain it by the fact that they are passing in the organized tours frame from the resorts of littoral10 while others argue that this limited number reflects an orientation towards a high-end tourism. The international airport of Tozeur-Nafta, put into operation in 1980 and dedicated to charters, and not only reaches its full capacity (86 000 passengers in 2007 on a capacity of 400 000).
It is in this context is the development of a golf course, Golf Oasis, inaugurated in the desert in November 2006. According to Claude Llena, this golf key areas around the park and draws in the web water to keep the grass planted in full désert9 even if 90% of the water consumption of the city is linked to the agriculture10. However, from institutional sources, the golf course is irrigated by water from the recycling of wastewater for hotel establishments; a rehabilitation facility and 15 kilometers of pipes, installed in part at the bottom of the river that passes at the foot of golf, let this récupération20. Moreover, the golf course was installed on land taken from the desert, on the right bank of the river, and do not touch the palmeraie21; However, it prohibits the access of craftsmen to a brick clay quarry in his grip, forcing them to bring in clay by truck.
At the entrance of the golf, the park’s gazebo Ras El Ain ( “Head of the source” in Arabic) is dedicated to the poet Abou el Kacem Chebbi, a native of Tozeur. It is also called “Park lovers” because it is lined with large ceramic plates bilingual (Arabic and French) bearing texts celebrating love. The rock which forms its center is actually an artificial construction of metal and clay.

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