Djerba , is, at 514 square kilometres (198 sq mi), the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabès,[1] off the coast of Tunisia.



Result of a unique cultural heritage, Tunisian cuisine stems from an ancient tradition perfectly illustrating the characteristics of an oriental country . Cuisine of the sun, it is also considered an art that prominently both in everyday life and in family ceremonies . To know all the secrets , meeting with Mouldi Hnid Chief Tunisian cook at Chez Jaafar , which puts us water at the mouth!

If you can enjoy in Tunisian cuisine throughout the country’s history , it is because it is the result of interbreeding between local expertise and successive cultural influences. But the chief Mouldi Hnid is above all ” a simple and generous kitchen, similar to his country.” Real mix of flavors at the crossroads of the sea and the desert, it is also known for its diversity of food offered . ” Here , the food is rich and varied. Meat, fish, soups, vegetables, salads, fruit and pastries up our menus. But of course, we never forget to sprinkle our plates of peppers and spices for flavor , “says the chef.

” An approach based on the quality of local produce ”

Tasty and healthy , this traditional cuisine showcases high quality ingredients and the freshest . ” This cuisine uses many local products of the highest order. On basic ingredients, they are related to Mediterranean tomato , olive oil , basil, mint , coriander, chili and pepper. Grains like barley, which is used in particular in the preparation of malthouth , clean food nomads , “said Mouldi Hnid is used.
Its atmosphere is between friendliness and generosity that you’ll stay in institutions worthy of the Thousand and One Nights. ” To whet your appetite , before placing your order , you always bring a plate of harissa in saucer with bread. And sometimes some restaurants even offer you some light dishes based on vegetables and fish to wait . ”

Specialties not to be missed !

The plate is the same generosity you find: “Among the starters, I suggest you discover the brig egg, a recipe that you can also easily reproduce at home. My advice , lay a sheet of pastry on a plate and garnish with a preparation of potatoes. Add a few pieces of tuna and break an egg on it. Salt , complete with capers to taste and brown all 2-3 minutes on each side over medium heat in a hot pan greased , “advises the expert.

For the rest of the menu, you can continue with a gourmet getaway couscous, traditional dish par excellence. ” It is used in various ways: the lamb , of course, but also chicken and even fish , with grouper , for example. Another classic: the lamb stew in which we will not forget to put the rudder to re- raise the flavors . ”

Finally, you can not complete your tasting without leave from the range typically Tunisian desserts. ” There’s something for everyone and in all forms such as rings surrounded by marzipan icing sugar and flavored with orange flower or balls of marzipan with pistachio and hazelnut . There are also puddings such as Aleppo pine , which is mainly in the region of Kairouan or pastries such as madmouja , made with dates. For all these preparations, do not forget the orange blossom water ” says the chef .

Authentic and gourmet, Tunisian cuisine proposes to gourmets and gourmands as the sweet scent of spices conducive to the awakening of the taste buds. And Chez Jaafar is a friendly atmosphere and oriental decor you discover a refined flavors delicately raised kitchen. Note that since the seventies , the owner of the establishment has developed an extensive collection of ancient North African postcards. Do not hesitate to ask for during your next visit to the restaurant !

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