The Tunisian capital is sometimes a bit left out as a great tourist destination for the benefit of coastal resorts of the country.
However, it would be a mistake not to visit Tunis as this city has a wonderful heritage to discover: this applies also to both his city ” modern ” than the old Tunis.
One enters into effect a separate universe in the maze of alleys of the medina, known as one of the best in the Arab world. The Great Mosque, the Three Médersas or sumptuous palaces (dar), the Turkish Baths, the tourbets and of course the souks, a day is barely enough to touch the wealth of the historic center.
A different city awaits the visit in the neighborhoods ” European ” from the colonial era, that we discover from Bab el-Bahr then along Avenue Habib Bourguiba.
It will still push further the tour via the TGM towards the stations of the Tunisian suburb: the popular port of La Goulette, Carthage ancient site, or the upscale neighborhoods of La Marsa.


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