South & Desert


Appreciated at all times for its magnificent beaches, its palm forests and its typical whitewashed houses with domed roofs, the 50 hotels in Djerba totaling a capacity of 23,000 beds. So you have a choice! They compete for ideas to offer you an exotic decoration, relaxation cures, hydrotherapy, spa and massages. In addition to swimming at the beach and excursions, you can practice many sporting activities such as cycling, tennis, horse riding, water skiing and even quad biking for the lazy! The high season, from June to September, attracts a crowd of tourists and drives up prices. In addition, the heat is not conducive to excursions so that for your getaway to Djerba to be successful, prefer the hollow months from October to May, you will benefit much better, in peace. The main city of the island is Houmt Souk, a colorful city with Moorish architecture, with its souks, its fish market, its maze of white alleys and the arcades of its caravanserai. On the island, the habitat remained traditional, with its menzel, in other words a set comprising the house (houch) with a garden surrounded by walls, a well and barns. Another city to visit with a car rental in Djerba: Ajim, with its port sheltered from the winds, facing the Tunisian coast, renowned for its palm grove. In Guellala are gathered the potters that you can see making dishes, jars and pots before your eyes. But it is not the only local craft, there are also weaving workshops and many jewelry manufacturers. Midoun houses an old underground olive press in perfect condition.


Sand with golden reflections from the dunes that cover the Saharan villages of Douz or Zaafrane, sparkling whiteness of Chott el-Jérid where oases of mirages float. Clash of images, colors, vibrations, magic of the desert. Deep green palm trees that line the oases of Tozeur and Nefta. The silence. Lunar landscapes of the Matmata mountains, Berber hamlets of Chenini and Douiret, troglodyte villages and ksour of peak villages … Two and a half hours from France, southern Tunisia deserves to be (re) discovered by the French market. In small groups, Asians are already there. These are the tourists most often encountered during my trip during the last week of November 2019. Here is the first part of this report.