West Tunisia


Tabarka located 175 km northwest of the capital Tunis and 16 km from the Algerian borders, Tabarka is a tourist town with a rich seabed, making scuba diving the most widespread activity in the region.

A young and picturesque resort where enthusiasts of scuba diving, music and wilderness meet. Tabarka Basilica hosts the international jazz festival in July every year, an international meeting that has become an emblem of Tabarka. The city is, according to many admirers, the pearl of north-western Tunisia with its generous nature, its mountainous and green landscapes.

Ain Draham

This mountain village, with red roofs and sloping streets, at 800 m above sea level, is drowned in greenery and leaned against the side of the jebel Bir (1210 m). Nothing to visit in Aïn Draham, but the site is a good base for a hunting trip or a hike. About 2 km from the village from Tabarka, the road leading to the Ruins pass reveals a beautiful panorama of neighboring Algeria, particularly at sunset. From the pass, the ascent on foot to the Jebel Fersig (30mn) offers a panoramic view of the whole region.
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